42 years of Experience handling District Court Cases

  • 42 years handling cases in District Court

  • Las Vegas native

  • Fast, fair & economical case resolution

We Endorse Phil Aurbach for District Judge, Department 4

Gerald Gillock

Heather & Brian Harris

Bob Dickerson

Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith

Christian Balducci

Alexandra van Horne

Judge For Yourself

Honorable Richard Bryan

  Former United States Senator and

   Former Governor of Nevada

Honorable Brian Sandoval

  Former Governor of Nevada, and

   Former United States District Judge

Honorable Dina Titus

  United States House of Representatives

Mayor Debra March

  Mayor of Henderson

Bard Coats, MD, MBA

    President Emeritus at HealthCare Partners, NV

Dr. Stacie Rivers, MD

Dr. Mark Rosen

Eric Schwartzman

Mel Meyers

Shari Meyers

Chris Davidson

Chris Gaynor

Frank and Anneliese Flansburg

Paula Morgan

Solveig Raftery

Jerome Snyder

Steve Lewis

Stacey Leonard Yahraus Lewis

Marla Zwick

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